Learn How to Fly or add Ratings

The FAA requires that you have at least 40 hours of total flight time that includes at least 20 hours with an instructor. If you were able to become proficient in this minimum time, it could cost approximately $6,100. [$3,600 for the airplane rental (40 hours x $90/hr), $1,400 for the instructor (20 hours x $70/hr), $350 for books and materials, $150 for written test, and $600 for practical test.] Rates may change.

While this represents a minimum cost if completed in the minimum time, your actual costs will probably run higher. This is due to very few people being ready for the practical test in the minimum 40 hours. The national average is 80 hours.

There are two things to keep in mind. First is that Westosha Flying Club is a very reasonable place to fly. Secondly, you don't pay this whole amount at once. You pay as you fly. You get to spread it out over time, as it takes time to learn. Many students will take one full year to learn, and some many years. You get to spread out this cost throughout that entire time.